Chuwi HiPad LTE Tablet Review


I’ll admit it: I am a tablet fanatic. I’ve had several over the years simply for gaming on the go or for the ability to store the Library of Congress in a single small package or to browse some of my favorite internet haunts or to watch my favorite streaming networks. I recently had the opportunity to check out the Chuwi HiPad Tablet PC and put it through its paces over the past couple of weeks. This is our review.

Let’s start off with the nuts and bolts for the tablet.


  • Retail Price: $157.99 
  • OS: Android 8.0
  • CPU: MT6797X ( X27 )
  • Core: Deca Core
  • GPU: ARM Mali-T880 MP4
  • RAM: 3GB
  • ROM: 32GB
  • External Memory: TF card up to 128GB (not included)
  • Support Network: Dual WiFi 2.4GHz/5.0GHz
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.1
  • Screen size: 10.1 inch
  • Screen resolution: 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA)
  • Camera type: Dual cameras (one front one back)
  • Back camera: 5.0MP / Front camera: 5.0MP
  • Video recording: Yes
  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack: Yes
  • HDMI: No
  • Product size: 25.60 x 18.00 x 0.90 cm / 10.08 x 7.09 x 0.35 inches

As you can see from the price point, the Chuwi HiPad Tablet PC is a bargain for the cost. Its list of features is more than adequate for my needs and it kept up with me wherever I went. Add in a very stylish all-metal cover with rounded corners and an included full-size keyboard with cover, and you have a tablet that just about anyone would love.

There are several outstanding features on the HiPad LTE including its display. It’s one of the better ones that I’ve seen in the tablets I’ve owned over the years. Videos display beautifully with a full range of colors without pixelating in any way. The screen is crystal clear and is based on Chuwi’s “OGS full lamination technology”. Essentially, the HiPad LTE uses a touch screen / protective glass combination that keeps the thickness overlaying the screen to a minimum, hence the sharper picture and better reflection of ambient light. The thinner covering over the screen also means that touch controls are responsive to a light touch and there’s no mashing your fingers on the screen.

While the tablet comes with a cover and keyboard, I found that I actually preferred not to use it all that much, at least not without literal support. The cover stand is the simple type that folds behind the keyboard into a triangle that supports the tablet’s weight. However, more times than I care to remember, it would unfold itself at the slightest bump and the tablet would flop onto the table. I compensated for that by placing a plastic knife vertically up from the stand that both kept it from unfolding and eliminated the worry about it falling flat.

Also with respect to the keyboard is its less-than-accurate typing. I’m a pretty fast typist and I don’t watch the keyboard even on a small keyboard like this one. It simply could not keep up with me and letters often did not show up and inputs were not being recognized. I tested this out by typing at different speeds. The faster I went, the less accurate it became.

The HiPad LTE places all of its external controls and ports gathered together in logical groups on both sides of the case. On one side, the micro SD card slot, headphone jack, and USB type C port are all clustered together while on the other you’ll find the volume controls and the power button. When placed with the keyboard, the power button is on the top, a nice touch.

HiPad LTE weighs a very light 1.08 pounds and makes carrying it around a breeze. It easily fit into my bag when I was headed out, though, for day trips, I did take the keyboard and cover off. On an overnight trip recently, it served very well as a stand-in for a much bulkier laptop. I was able to access email and do some light word processing, image resizing and so forth.

Gamers looking for a strong tablet to play games with high-intensity graphics or with the need for ultra-fast response may want to look elsewhere. While the HiPad LTE is great for app-type games like Pokemon Go or any match-three game, it’s not up to par for things like Fortnite or Need for Speed.

Listening to music is fine, though nothing earth-shattering. The speaker is perfectly adequate but doesn’t feature any bells and whistles that would make you set aside your smartphone, that’s for sure.

One place that really felt like a letdown with the tablet is with the camera. Photos taken in adequate light appeared washed out and lackluster. This was surprising to me given how clear the resolutions are when watching videos or playing games. It sort of reminded me of my original iPad from almost a decade ago or even my first smartphone. Neither of those had the ability to take stunning photos either.

Connecting to wireless is a breeze as it is with most tablets, though I did find that the HiPad LTE was hit or miss at times even when in the same room as the wireless router. Some of my other devices would be at full connectivity while the Chuwi was less so. It wasn’t a huge deal most of the time as download speeds were adequate nonetheless. Weirdly, however, there weren’t these issues when it came to my motel where the router was a lot further away. I’m honestly vexed as to what to think about that.

All in all, the Chuwi HiPad LTE is a good middle of the road tablet for someone who’s not going to put it through the wringer. Its basic functionality is adequate for someone who’s most interested in light app gaming, basic word processing, web surfing, or watching videos. The tablet’s price point is great for what it brings to the table, though more experienced tablet users will probably want to look for something with more robust features.


  • Sleek, stylish metal case that provides rugged protection
  • Beautiful graphics display
  • Excellent price


  • The cover isn’t always up to the task of supporting the tablet when typing
  • Cameras are a huge letdown in photo quality
  • Wireless connectivity is hit or miss

Chuwi provided the HiPad LTE for the purpose of review.


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