CHUWI RZBOX AMD RYZEN™ 7 5800H | Windows 10 | AMD Radeon™ Graphics | Octa-Core and 16 Threads | DDR4 16GB+SSD 512GB

$589.00 $799.00

CHUWI RZBOX AMD RYZEN™ 7 5800H | Windows 10 | AMD Radeon™ Graphics | Octa-Core and 16 Threads | DDR4 16GB+SSD 512GB

$589.00 $799.00
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Powerful yet compact



Built by the latest breakthrough 7nm technology, up to AMD Ryzen™ 7 5800H Processors that makes every task easier, 8 cores and 16 threads, allowing you to muscle through heavy workloads.Capable of being boosted up to a TDP of 45 watts, it’s the fastest performing generation to date!

8 Cores

16 Threads


Turbo Frequency



7 nm

CPU process



Radeon Vega 8 graphics card, 7nm process, 8-core GPU, up to 1750 MHz frequency, and support for 10bit 8K decoding. Whether it’s office software, creative design, intense gaming, or entertaining at home, the Radeon Vega 8 can handle it.



Experience world-class HD gaming at 1080p in ultra settings



Render 3D models with responsive performance in real-time


Content creation

Edit multiple photos and videos blazingly fast


Cooler, quieter and faster!

To keep it cool in all situations, uses 8 mm heat pipes, and an fan that efficiently accelerates heat transfer. The end result is that the mighty CPU can run comfortably at a blistering 45 watts total TDP in Performance mode — with no throttling!



RZBOX built-in 16GB DDR4 3200MHz memory,Dual-channel memory expansion slots(MAX 64GB). Up to dual M.2 SSD slot(M.2 2280 Nvme/SATA),Stocked with up to 512GB of storage.Quicker load times across your entire catalogue of apps and programs means less idle time waiting and more quality time for work and play.








Triple Displays,Support 4K@60Hz

You can enjoy 4K visuals with the AMD Radeon™ Graphics or expand your viewing area with 3 displays featuring DisplayPort, HDMI 2.0 and VGA port.Enjoy 4K visuals!


Keep Up Wireless Wi-Fi6

Equipped with the latest AMD RZ608 Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax),boosts network speed and efficiency,1.4 times faster than its predecessor.and Stable connection with Bluetooth 5.2.


Lower Latency


Faster Speed


Energy Efficiency


Long Range


All the right connections

RZBOX comes equipped with multiple expansion interfaces for plug-and-play functionality for a full range of simultaneous work and entertainment applications. Supports up to three display outputs and can operate in multi-screen work efficiency mode.


Metal MINI body- Pocket it
and Work anywhere

RZBOX has been constructed with an aluminum alloy metal body that is lightweight yet sturdy. The mini PC is only 7 x 7 inches in size and takes up only 2L compared to the traditional 20L host computers, saving 90% desk space. It’s an ultra-high performance desktop computer that’s small enough to fit in a backpack, purse, or pocket for anytime, anywhere, instant work and play.


Multi-system installation support

Standard RZBOX configuration includes Windows 10 pre-installed and supports future Windows 11 upgrades. RZBOX also supports Linux and Ubuntu for a vast array of software configurations.


Product Name RZBOX
Finish Black
Construction Material Al-Mg Alloy & Polycarbonate
Processor AMD Ryzen™ 7 5800H, 8C16T, 3.2GHz-4.4GHz
Graphics AMD Radeon™ Graphics
Video Output 4K60Hz
Storage SSD/512G (PCIE)
Memory DDR4/16G
Charging 90W(19V/4.47A) DC
Dimension 177.5*188.0*61.5(H)mm
Weight 1350g
Expandability DDR4*1 maximum support 32G, SSD*1 SATA/PCIE 2280 maximum support 1T
Wireless WIFI6(802.11ax),Bluetooth 5.2
Operating System WIN10
Main I/O Ports 2*USB-A 3.0 ,3*USB-A 2.0 ,
3.5mm headphone Jack,
3.5mm Microphone Jack,
Type A*1 HDMI2.0,
type-C 2.0,Display port*1,
VGA port,M.2 SSD port*2 (PCIE/SATA3) ,
In the Box "90W DC Power Adapter, PSE、CE、UL、FCC.
Multi-language instruction manual,
Certificate of Conformity,
quality certificate,
warranty card"

Customer Reviews

Based on 505 reviews
Henry Hernandez Heredia
Really powerfull

I bought this Mini Pc as my work PC, I installed Pop_OS 22.04 and it runs super fluid with some gnome extensions, I also install steam and Epic store and games run good, shadow of the tomb rider medium, control low, tekken 7 medium,need for speed remaster médium, that is OK for me, I'm really impressed with CHUWI, great quality, highly recommended

zhengkai lin

CHUWI RZBOX AMD RYZEN™ 7 5800H | Windows 10 | AMD Radeon™ Graphics | Octa-Core and 16 Threads | DDR4 16GB+SSD 512GB

Myles Wakeham
Powerful machine, small box, lots of punch

This machine rocks. But all good things require a little time investment and understanding. I maxed this out with 64GB of RAM, and went for max size Nvme drives I could get. But note that you will need to tweak BIOS settings for the Nvme drives, and that certain brands (Samsung in particular) don’t play nice with this box. But after settling on Corsair and some generic, I managed to fit 6TB of Nvme storage into this beast and it works flawlessly. The Windows 11 that comes with it needed to stay, so I imaged the drive that came with it and copied that to a bigger drive, and then just resized it. I had issues trying to start from scratch, but mainly due to drivers, etc. The support community is solid and reliable. This may not be for the faint hearted, but a seasoned computer builder should be able to extract the most out of this hardware and the results are awesome. Gaming is solid with the inbuilt Radeon graphics processor, and almost all games are playable. Latest next gen games may need graphics dialed back a bit, but other than that everything I’ve thrown at it so far has worked.

Domenico Mazzitelli
Good product


RZBox is very impressive

The RZBox took 5 days from initial shipment in China to delivery in North Carolina. It came loaded with Windows 10 Home and almost no bloatware which took about a minute to uninstall. I need Windows 10 Pro and would have ordered that had it been an option. I'm currently giving Windows 11 a trial on a laptop but for critical work I'm staying with 10 for now.

The AMD Ryzen 7 is blazing fast, noticeably faster than my Intel Hades Canyon with i7-8705G CPU and my HP Dragonfly. I took away one star because I find the connection ports lacking. USB-C is fairly standard but there is only one USB-C port. Since most of my external SSD drives use USB-C I either need to use a USB-B adaptor or a dongle. Also, the VGA port is unnecessary for everyone I've asked - I haven't used one in about 10 years. That space could have been used for a second HDMI port or better, an SD card.

I use mini PCs for all my desktop computing because I travel between states for music and radio production and need a multiple monitor setup and find the mini PCs work best for portability, and an external keyboard is always better than a laptop keyboard.

Over the past 10 years I've had two Gigabyte Brix, two Compulab Fit 4's and the Hades Canyon which I’m still using. The build of the RZBox is comparable to the Hades Canyon, the fan is whisper quiet and the bios seems solid. The same can't be said for the build of the earlier generation Brix, and one of the Compulab Fits ran so hot it would shut down, the CPU would run around 100% for minor tasks, the bios for both Fits was very weak (one wouldn't boot up if a USB drive was inserted in a port), and the Compulab customer service was a black hole. I haven't used Chuwi customer service but anything is an improvement over Compulab. Gigabyte online tech support is solid, but their marketing support is similar to Compulab with multiple voicemail messages to their California phone line not returned, and that was after I was referred to marketing by the online tech staff. The one-year warranty from Chuwi is standard.

Given my experience with mini PCs, if I were to buy a second unit today it would be another RZBox. The Hades Canyon is excellent but 2 years ago it cost nearly double what the RXBox did, and although I like the port selection better on the Hades Canyon it came with no memory or storage and no operating system installed. All three are included in the RXBox, plus there is space to increase storage and memory if needed. I was waiting for the Gigabyte Brix Extreme to be released since one configuration takes 2.5" SATA drive which I could use, but for the price I'm satisfied with the RZBox and won’t even be considering the Brix Extreme since it is only available bare bones.

Unless the port options aren't what you need, buy the RZBox, you won't be disappointed.