CHUWI Affiliate Program FAQ

Join the CHUWI affiliate program to sell up to 10% commission on Office,laptop, Mini PC, and more

Program eligibility and registration

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1. What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing that rewards members of the alliance as long as they successfully recommend customers to complete a sale in our store. Alliance members place links and banners on their website and can transfer customers to In turn, affiliates receive commissions or bonuses for any consumption achieved through the marketing efforts of affiliates.

2. Why should I join?

companies to earn additional revenue from marketing campaigns. By linking to from your website, you will earn generous commissions on qualified products for a variety of products, including Minibooks, Laptops, Tablets and Accessories, and more. In addition, during seasonal events, our affiliates receive exclusive offers for high-demand products and special content to help you reach your audience.

3. What are the fees for joining the affiliate program?

No fee, no free to join.

4. How to register?

Our page highlights the network options you can use. We recommend joining our private network (supported by GoAffPro - Affiliate Marketing), which allows you to promote all products in all countries with a single account. After submitting your application, we will review your application within 7 business days.
We have also worked with some of the largest local public networks, so if you already work with one of our selected networks in your country, you can also join the CHUWI affiliate program through these networks.

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5. Is my website eligible to become a partner?

CHUWI welcomes all Alliance members to the Program, but we reserve the right to reject any website that does not meet our quality and content standards. We regularly review affiliate site sites to ensure we meet our quality and content standards.

6. Can an individual participate in this program?

Anyone who meets the program requirements and has the ability to promote content through blogs, websites, apps or other similar channels is eligible to participate in the program. In order to be able to receive payments, Alliance members must provide bank information.

7. I have joined this program. What are the next steps to get started? 

Now that you have joined the program, here are some resources to help you get started.


Create a link and start promoting

 For digital content, such as apps, games, and videos, use the GoAffPro - Affiliate Marketing tool to search for the content you want to promote, create a link with the appropriate tags, and then add it to your website or app for immediate Earn commissions.
Advanced users can access our data feed, which contains rich metadata for our catalogs - these data can be used to generate your own affiliate links on a large scale. Contact our affiliate program support to request access.
We also offer badges and banners in a variety of sizes that increase the credibility of your promotion by announcing the availability of a product in our store.

Contact support staff

Our dedicated programs have been implemented in many countries and you can contact the Alliance Program Support Department to join more countries.
If you have more questions, please visit our FAQ or you can contact us via the support page.

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Links and creative content

1. How to create an affiliate link?

The easiest way to build an affiliate link is through the GoAffPro - Affiliate Marketing tool. Once approved to join the CHUWI affiliate program, you can save your network settings for a year and allow you to quickly generate links.
In the GoAffPro - Affiliate Marketing tool, you have two options to create your link.
Option 1 is to create a quick link. This option is useful if you have deep links to products or specific product pages and want to promote them on your site. When you enter a URL in this field, an affiliate link is generated with the ID you saved in your network settings. There is also an option to test the link.
Option 2 is to do a keyword search, find the products you want to promote from the catalog, and filter the corresponding categories and markets. In the results, you can choose the format that best suits your promotion, such as image links, text links, or badge links. Popular digital product content is also recommended on the Link Builder tools page. Depending on the market you're targeting for your affiliate link, you'll be able to see popular free and paid products like apps and games.

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2. What are the responsibilities as an alliance partner?

As a CHUWI Excellence Partner, you are an extension of the CHUWI brand. Therefore, you have the following responsibilities:
• Show CHUWI in a prominent position on your website.
• Bringing considerable sales to CHUWI. The number of partner sites we choose is limited and can only be combined with partners who deliver great sales.
• Ensure that your site is properly content and meets the relevant requirements listed in the CHUWI Alliance Partner Terms and Conditions.
• Use the correct link so that we can track the sales you bring and pay the recommended commission to you.
• Make sure your website is well maintained and always operational, giving visitors access to the link to
• Make sure you use the various CHUWI materials correctly and follow the brand and picture usage guidelines.

3. Do you offer creative assets?

Yes, we provide banners and text links for different product categories on each web interface. Moreover, the GoAffPro - Affiliate Marketing tool can create a copy of the link, product image or badge for your application or site. Simply type or search for the product you are interested in and choose the output format that best suits your needs.

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Sell ​​and earn commissions

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1. How much income will I get? 


View a list of full commission rates by product.
The amount of commission depends on many factors, including the number of promotional links, your website traffic, user buying habits, and more.

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2. How do you know your income?  



Once approved, you will be able to view a full and detailed web version of the report through the CHUWI account to help you track the revenue and performance of your website.

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3. How is the order tracked and counted on my website?

All links from your website to CHUWI include your unique Partner ID. Whenever a customer visits through your website and purchases an item, we will credit the transaction to your account. To ensure accurate tracking of all purchases, use only the links generated by GoAffPro - Affiliate Marketing.

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4. What should I do if the person I recommend is not registered immediately? 




All new visits to CHUWI via your referral link will be kept on our system for 30 days. Even if they click on your referral link after clicking on your referral link, they will be rewarded as long as they register to make a purchase within 30 days.

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5. When will my commission be paid?



1. Once your commission reaches $100, you can apply for a commission through your PayPal email address.

2. Below $100 USD, you can directly deduct the purchase price of the product.