CHUWI LapBook Pro 14.1''Intel N4100 4G+64G
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LapBook Pro FullView Laptop Broaden Your Horizons The Real FullView Laptop Narrow border design with about 90% screen-to-body ratio creates a near borderless display, delivering a massive view. 14.1-inch IPS full lamination display with FHD...
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LapBook Pro

The Real FullView Laptop

Narrow border design with about 90% screen-to-body ratio creates a near borderless display, delivering a massive view. 14.1-inch IPS full lamination display with FHD resolution captures every detail in vivid color.



Screen-to-body Ratio



IPS Full Laminated Screen

Bigger Screen
Smaller Size

Thanks to the IPS full lamination
screen, the overall
size is reduced by 30% compared
to traditional note-
books.Adopting high quality
alloy which went through CNC
processes, the thinness
is down to only 0.58cm and it
weighs only 1430g, easily
to be slipped into your backpack.





Magvnesium Alloy


Low Power Consumption
Processor- Gemini Lake

Intel's new generation of Gemini Lake quad-core processor, 64-bit quad-core four threads, has 1.3X improvement on performance compared to its predecessor. With the new Goldmont architecture, 14 nanometer process, and clocking at up to 2.4Ghz, it performances faster and runs at a more responsive speed.

Gemini lake



Summit Frequency




Technology Process

9th HD Graphics

HD Graphics 600
with 12-core EU
executive unit
and utmost700Mhz
work efficiency can
handle the 4K stream
videos in UHD very

Gen 9


4K Video



3D Rending



High Speed DDR4 RAM

Latest LPDDR4 RAM brings you faster speed
yet lower power consumption.
Starting the apps, running the games and
loading the web pages faster than ever.

High Capacity &
Performance Storage

LapBook Pro comes with 64GB eMMC5.1, fast read/
write speed. What’s more, M.2SSD support on LapBook
Pro is available, more files storageand more
apps installation is possible.

Note: LapBook Pro does not come with M.2 SSD when leaving the factory.
Only expansion slot is reserved, users need to install it themselves.

2.4G/5G Dual Band WiFi

LapBook Pro takes full advantage of the 802.11ac wireless
transmit protocol to self-adapt the worldwide bands.
And with peak transmission speed of 433Mb/s under 5G
band, you can surf the internet like you’ve never have before.

Large Capacity Battery
That Actually Lasts

LapBook Pro is packed with a 33.7Wh high
density Lithium Polymer battery that can
last through 8 hours.
Watching videos, playing games and
working will never be a problem.

Windows10 Redstone
convenient and effective

Efficient,Smart and Individual OS

Backlight Keyboard

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Multiple Ports To
Meet Your Needs

Each CHUWI Notebook
Has to Undergo a Rigorous Test


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