About us


On Sep. 2004, in a normal day, Chuwi was founded with a brand new way.
From this moment , every step makes us closer to our dreams!


From start, we undertake to make difference to influence the people around, and even change the world,
we hope chuwi always accompany you with wonderful life.
Thus, we take the first step to realise our dreams by choosing consume digital product.


Adhering to the concept of HI-TECH,
SMART LIFE, we strive for perfect
spirit of craftsman, creating digital
electronic products with ultimate
user experience, providing
INTELEGENT LIFE to millions and
millions families, and bringing
technical fun to everyone.


We gather insightful talents from all
over the world with different cultures,
beliefs and perspectives, We are
hard-liner and persisting in one
common dream.


We believe professional strength.
Over past decades, we insist on
creating products that go beyond
competitors’ with the craftsman’s spirit
to accelarate promoting Chinese
brand international influence.