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Active Stylus Support for Chuwi MiniBook is Near at Hand!

Feature will be unlocked after $650,000 Raised.

CHUWI MiniBook is selling like hotcakes at Indiegogo!

Raised over $600,000 USD from 1037 backers in the past month and a half, and the numbers are still growing! 
During which time, many creatives, artists told us that it's such a pity that an elegant and powerful device like MiniBook can't support the active stylus.

Active stylus allows you to draw thick and thin lines by adjusting how hard you press on the screen, which brings a whole new experience in the creation of painting or writing.

Therefore, CHUWI decided to bring 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity to MiniBook after the funds reach $650,000 USD, which is only a matter of time.

More than that: 

A FREE ACTIVE STYLUS(WORTH US$14.99) after this campaign reaching $800,000!

A FREE Multi-Ports USB-C HUB (WORTH US$29.99)  after reaching $1000,000!

Last but not least, CHUWI also provides a nice and sturdy shock-proof EVA bag for MiniBook backers.

It’s now at straight 50% OFF and backers can get it for only $9.9 bucks. This special offer is limited to 100Pcs, and the price will go up after these 100pcs sold out.

Such a small device should indeed be protected by a bag like this.

The crowdfunding campaign of CHUWI MiniBook will be ended in 10 days, if you like this ultra-mobile laptop, now it’s the last chance to get it at the lowest price.

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